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BAM Shotcrete is a licensed shotcrete contractor in Oregon with 45+ years of industry leading experience in residential and commercial construction. 

Swimming pools, custom water features, architectural features, foundation repairs, structural shotcrete, retaining walls, canals, vertical walls, soil nail walls, skateparks, and pump tracks are just a few of the residential and commercial shotcrete projects we’ve worked on.

No matter what your Oregon shotcrete needs are, our ACI-certified shotcrete applicators will complete the job on time and at the best price.

Looking for a shotcrete estimate in Oregon? Contact BAM Shotcrete today by calling (623) 208-2912 or request an online estimate.

Common Types of Shotcrete Applications

We also offer the ability to provide excavation services, rebar installation services, and private mobile batch plant operations used for remote access locations for both commercial and residential projects as needed.

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45 Years Of Experience

Over 45 years of industry leading experience in the residential and commercial construction industries.


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We are licensed, insured, and bonded for your protection and peace of mind. License ROC# 306918

Competitive Pricing

We offer upfront pricing with no additional hidden cost or fees. Transparency is a core value we uphold.


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Rest assured that your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed with our one year warranty on all projects.

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Our professional and friendly team is ready to help turn your visions and dreams into reality.

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After gathering some information, we will provide you with a free, same day quote for your project.

Shotcrete Questions & Answers

Shotcrete is a method of applying concrete projected at high velocity primarily on a vertical or overhead surface. The key difference between shotcrete and traditional concrete lies in the application process. Shotcrete is pneumatically sprayed onto surfaces, which allows for more versatility in construction shapes and is ideal for complex forms or structures. This method ensures a compact and highly durable structure due to the force of application, improving bonding and strength compared to traditionally poured concrete.
Yes, shotcrete is highly versatile and can be used for a wide range of applications, including new constructions, such as building walls or creating swimming pools, as well as repair and rehabilitation projects. It is particularly effective for repairing damaged concrete structures, such as bridges, tunnels, and buildings, because it can be easily applied to the affected areas, providing a quick and durable solution that adheres well to existing concrete surfaces.
Shotcrete offers several advantages over traditional concrete methods, including faster application time, reduced formwork requirements, and the ability to shape structures in a way that might be difficult with conventional concrete. Its application process allows for a more efficient use of materials and labor, leading to cost savings. Additionally, shotcrete's unique application method ensures a strong bond to the substrate and excellent structural integrity, making it ideal for complex or irregular shapes.
Shotcrete can be considered environmentally friendly for several reasons. First, its application process allows for precise material placement, reducing waste. Additionally, because shotcrete can conform to any shape, it often requires less material to achieve the same structural objectives as traditional concrete methods, further minimizing environmental impact. Shotcrete also supports sustainable construction practices by enabling the repair and reinforcement of existing structures instead of demolishing and rebuilding them, thereby conserving resources and reducing waste.
Shotcrete offers numerous advantages for swimming pool construction, including design flexibility, strength, and speed of application. Its ability to be sprayed onto surfaces allows for creating custom shapes and sizes, accommodating unique design features. Shotcrete pools are known for their durability and water tightness, as the material bonds tightly to the base, reducing the risk of leaks. Additionally, the rapid application process of shotcrete reduces construction time, allowing for quicker project completion.

Shotcrete Estimate in Oregon

Looking for an Oregon shotcrete contractor for your project? Contact BAM Shotcrete at (623) 208-2912 for a free same-day estimate. We are ready to help you make your project a success!

We serve all of Oregon, including Portland, Eugene, Salem, Gresham, Hillsboro, Bend, Beaverton, Medford, Springfield, Corvallis, Albany, Tigard, Aloha, Lake Oswego, Grants Pass, Keizer, Oregon City, McMinnville, Redmond, Bethany, Tualatin, West Linn, and more. 

We serve all cities in Oregon, including Portland, Eugene, Salem, Gresham, Hillsboro, Bend, Beaverton, Medford, Springfield, Corvallis, Albany, Tigard, Aloha, Lake Oswego, Grants Pass, Keizer, Oregon City, McMinnville, Redmond, Bethany, Tualatin, West Linn, Woodburn, Forest Grove, Wilsonville, Newberg, Happy Valley, Roseburg, Hayesville, Klamath Falls, Ashland, Milwaukie, Altamont, Sherwood, Hermiston, Cedar Mill, Central Point, Lebanon, Canby, Oak Grove, and more
We serve all zip codes in Oregon, including97229, 97045, 97301, 97124, 97402, 97702, 97206, 97223, 97504, 97007, 97123, 97401, 97080, 97405, 97501, 97006, 97305, 97330, 97219, 97202, 97756, 97230, 97701, 97302, 97303, 97478, 97236, 97030, 97128, 97477, 97233, 97222, 97527, 97322, 97224, 97526, 97266, 97306, 97217, 97211, 97404, 97304, 97203, 97703, 97355, 97086, 97603, 97471, 97213, 97071, 97132, 97267, 97068, 97321, 97008, 97502, and more
We serve all counties in Oregon, including Multnomah County, Washington County, Clackamas County, Lane County, Marion County, Jackson County, Deschutes County, Linn County, Douglas County, Yamhill County, Benton County, Josephine County, Polk County, Umatilla County, Klamath County, Coos County, Columbia County, Lincoln County, Clatsop County, Malheur County, Tillamook County, Wasco County, Union County, Crook County, Jefferson County, Hood River County, and more
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