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BAM Shotcrete is a licensed Flagstaff shotcrete contractor with over 45 years of industry leading experience in the commercial and residential construction industries. 

We’ve worked on various residential and commercial shotcrete projects including swimming pools, custom water features, architectural features, foundation repairs, structural shotcrete, retaining walls, canals, vertical walls, soil nail walls, skateparks, and pump tracks.

No matter what your Flagstaff shotcrete needs are, our skilled applicators will get the job done on time and at the most economical value.

Looking for a shotcrete estimate in Flagstaff? Contact BAM Shotcrete today by calling (623) 208-2912 or request an online estimate.

Common Types of Shotcrete Applications

We also offer the ability to provide excavation services, rebar installation services, and private mobile batch plant operations used for remote access locations for both commercial and residential projects as needed.

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Why Choose BAM Shotcrete Inc.


45 Years Of Experience

Over 45 years of industry leading experience in the residential and commercial construction industries.


Licensed, Insured, Bonded

We are licensed, insured, and bonded for your protection and peace of mind. Arizona ROC# 306918

Competitive Pricing

We offer upfront pricing with no additional hidden cost or fees. Transparency is a core value we uphold.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Rest assured that your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed with our one year warranty on all projects.

Professional and Friendly

Our professional and friendly team is ready to help turn your visions and dreams into reality.

Same Day Free Quotes

After gathering some information, we will provide you with a free, same day quote for your project.

Benefits of Shotcrete Construction

In its most basic form, shotcrete is a kind of mortar or concrete that is “shot”—or sprayed—at a surface with high velocity. Often sprayed onto steel mesh or rods for reinforcement, this substance—also known as gunite—is used. Shotcrete has been used for more than a century, and because of its simplicity and effectiveness, it has become a staple in construction.

Shotcrete’s application method contributes significantly to its simplicity and effectiveness. It assists in compressing and compacting the material because of the speed at which it is applied. As an alternative, it can be applied manually or for larger areas with the help of a mechanical arm that guides the nozzle.

Shotcrete has many benefits, including…

  • Adhesion: Shotcrete bonds well to other materials, resulting in robust and strong concrete layers
  • Low permeability: Shotcrete has low permeability
  • Strength: Shotcrete is strong and durable.
  • Labor-saving: Since shotcrete can be applied quickly, labor expenses are decreased
  • Sustainability: Shotcrete’s ability to be repaired or reconfigured rather than replaced can prolong the structure’s usable life
  • Thermal insulation: Shotcrete reduces the transfer of noise and provides thermal insulation thanks to its millions of tiny air cells
  • Environmental conditions: Shotcrete has good working safety and environmental conditions

Free Shotcrete Estimate in Flagstaff

Looking for a shotcrete contractor for your Flagstaff project? Contact BAM Shotcrete by calling (623) 208-2912 for a free same-day estimate. We are ready to help you make your next project a success! We serve all of Coconino County including Mormon Lake, Munds Park, Bellemont, Parks, Happy Jack, Page, Sedona, Williams, and more.

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