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At BAM Shotcrete, we provide installation and repairs for structural shotcrete projects. We use high-quality equipment, reliable shotcrete pumps, experienced shotcrete pump operators, and ACI-certified nozzlemen.

With over 45 years of experience, we’ve built walls for parking garages, basement walls, shoring wall systems, robust pools, water features, retaining walls, architectural landscapes, ground supports, and more.

The cost, strength, durability, and aesthetics are reasons why structural shotcrete is a favorite among engineers, architects, and construction firms.

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Below we’ve compiled a list of answers to our most common structural shotcrete questions. If you have a question that we did not answer below, give us a call at (623) 208-2912 or send us an email.

Structural shotcrete is a method of applying concrete pneumatically through a hose at high velocity onto a surface. It’s used for constructing structural elements without the need for traditional molds or forms, allowing for more versatile and complex shapes.

The advantages include rapid construction speed, reduced need for formwork, versatility in shaping complex structures, excellent bonding characteristics, and enhanced structural integrity. It's also cost-effective and can be more environmentally friendly than traditional methods.

Absolutely. It's ideal for new constructions, especially those with complex shapes or hard-to-reach areas. It's also excellent for repair and reinforcement projects, as it easily adheres to and integrates with existing concrete structures.

The key difference is in the application method. Structural shotcrete is projected at high speed, which allows for better compaction and bonding with the surface. This results in a denser, stronger structure compared to traditionally poured concrete.

Yes, it is often more durable. The high-velocity application produces excellent compaction and adhesion, leading to high strength and long-term durability. It's well-suited for challenging environments and heavy-duty structural applications.

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