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Soil nail walls are an incredibly common and trusted retaining wall solution. At BAM Shotcrete, we’ve had the privilege of installing and repairing soil nail walls for countless projects with great success across the United States.

They have been used for temporary excavation shoring, slope stabilization, repair of current retaining walls/structures, bridge abutment, and road widening, excavations, repair, and reconstruction,

Soil nail walls work well with difficult soil conditions like cobbles, boulders, or weathered rock and in areas with limited space or headroom.

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Why Soil Nail Walls?

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Soil Nail Wall Construction Process

Vertical soil nail wall in Phoenix Building a soil nail wall is a rather easy and quick operation. It’s a great option to prevent slope collapses. Planning and a soil evaluation are the first steps in the process to make sure the soil is suitable for the soil nail wall. Soil nail walls are typically not advised on soil that is too cohesive.

Following an evaluation, excavation, and possible support of the chosen location, we will drill a hole in the ground and install the first row of nails. After that, the nails are grouted, a strip drain is built, and shotcrete is finally applied. 

Once the entire designated area has been completed, this process is repeated, and a final facing is then built. It is a very quick and efficient approach to stabilize the soil, especially considering how straightforward the process is.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Soil nails are drilled and grouted tension components used to form a reinforced soil mass for either temporary or permanent earth retention or shoring. The wall height, face batter angle, backslope, and surcharge loads all have a big impact on the design of soil nail walls and shotcrete. Soil nails may be constructed for a multitude of factors, allowing the use of a single kind of earth holding system for a variety of circumstances.

Soil nails and shotcrete can be implemented in diverse soil types and under various loading circumstances. Vertical excavations can be made for soil nail walls, which minimizes the requirement for sloping back excavations. Various loads and geometric parameters can be accommodated by adjusting the lengths of nails, the size of reinforcing materials, and the diameter of drill holes. This flexibility enables the use of the same earth retention system across different situations.

Some of the advantages of soil nails and shotcrete:

  • Cost-effective and economical when compared to soldier pile and lagging
  • Top down installation
  • Shotcrete facing can be covered with a variety of architectural treatments
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